Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to Find American Made Products

Today is a beautiful, warm day in Northern Virginia! The rays of sunshine fill my spirit with faith and hope, leading me to think of all the good people that we are fortunate enough to have in our lives. One of those people is Todd Lipscomb. He is the President and Founder of which provides an easy and fun way to buy products made in the USA. We would like to thank Todd, a true patriot, for his hard work and dedication. He invests many hours in researching American made products, and promotes them on his site, to give us the opportunity to find a variety of products in one place.

Please enjoy reading the following newsletter from Todd Lipscomb, and be sure to visit his site,

Team, I am going to make a special point of trying to find good news in the future, as it seems only bad lately. There has been 4 million jobs lost in the last 14 months, housing prices are looking like the Titanic in much of the country and the economy is spiraling downward, etc.

I would like say something to cheer us up like "it is always darkest before the dawn" but honestly we are not there yet.

Last week something happened that I did not expect for another year or so. As our biggest creditor, China's Premier publically expressed concern about the USA's surging federal debt (it's rocketing from $500 billion in 2008 to $2 trillion this year, which is another $8000 per American citizen) which is forcing Washington into a very embarrassing defense of spending way beyond one's means. This kind of conversation has probably been happening a lot in private lately. To see us being publically berated in front of the world is very humiliating. We need to turn this situation around soon! This is a very important moment in history. China is not just another Super Power, because as they win politically through economics they are becoming THE Super Power. You can read more as this unfolds in my blog.

Washington and some people in the media want to tell us (to support their own actions) that the budget deficit and trade deficit are two separate, unrelated issues. The simple fact is they are very much intertwined. For example, as economic activity drops here a lot of Americans are just standing by and watching all the good jobs get shipped to other countries. Since there are fewer people working here it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the tax revenues will drop! The more we buy our own Made In USA goods, the more local, state, and federal tax revenue is collected. Alternatively, and more likely lately, the more we end production here and buy cheap stuff from abroad, the more tax revenue collapses.

As usual, the simple truths or the "old math" are what really adds up. I hope it does not sound like for a moment I am giving up on the USA, because you can be sure that it will never happen. Also I would like to thank all of you that are buying "Made In USA" products from this website. We ARE all making a difference.Patriot SaleI try to put something I hope you find interesting and timely on sale every week. This week is "Flags & Patriotic Stuff" week. You might find a cheaper flag made in China, but this is a darn good price on real ones made right here. Check it out. The sale ends Sunday night. Link to Sale on Flags & Patriotic Items

Double GiveawayWe have two different cool products that I want to give to three lucky winners for each product. First is a really neat new medical product for anyone, like me, with pain in the joints, hands, etc. The first one is the Topical pain reliever Ibunex by Core Products. The second one is a really neat video called "The Spirit of America" on DVD.

As usual, just take a quick peek at each one and tell me about it in one very brief sentence. You can reply to this email with your response. Yes, you can sign up for all of the items in one e-mail. I will pick three winners for each product randomly and also pay the shipping, so it is completely free for you.

Links are on the photo's at left. New Products: What could be more American than baseball? We are proud to add some really super Baseball Bats from a true expert on the subject. This excellent company is Akadema. Yes, the wood is from the USA, not to mention the skill, craftsmanship and passion that all come together to make the ultimate homerun tool.

Check out these beautiful cribs by "Cute Cribs". She (yes, this master wood worker is a "she") builds them one at a time in Georgia. These are not only an impressively artistic Crib, but they are also a very high quality product that is absolutely safe and will last for generations.

Core Products builds a number of really neat health related products here in the USA. They are the flagship our new Health Related Products Section.The products we have in stock now are:

  • Excellent Orthopedic pillows of various shapes and sizes to help reduce neck and head pain.

  • Several electronic massagers made right here in the USA.

  • The topical pain reliever Ibunex and joint maintenance product Gluconex.

  • And a lot of hot and cold packs that can either be used frozen or heated for pain relief all over the body.


ToddTodd Lipscomb Founder

Thank you Todd! Always Made in the USA and 100% Organic


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Anonymous said...

What a great website. I try so hard to buy U.S.A. made products, but it is challenging, especially when shopping on the internet.

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